Set review page and pull request defaults

You can modify what to display by default for the files in your reviews and pull requests:

  • Display comments from other reviewers.

  • Display the findings made by chain runs inline inside files. If you clear this option, mouse over the margin to display findings.

  • Display the entire contents of each file.

  • Display the previous version of each file.

  • Unify the previous and current differences of each file.

You can also set a white space option, for example, Ignore Spaces. By default, all spaces are displayed.

Note: Customizations are applied to your review pages only and do not affect other users.

To set the defaults for review or pull request pages:

  1. Open a review or pull request.
  2. Click Actions and select Display Defaults.
  3. In the Display Defaults dialog box, select the necessary options such as what information to display and what tab to open by default.
  4. Click OK.

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