View changeset pages

A changeset page displays information about a specific changeset including:

  • The changeset ID and title.

  • The associated stream or project.

  • Recent activity, such as experts that ran on the changeset.

  • Related requests.

  • The associated reviews.

  • The results of chains that ran on the changeset including findings and measurements.

  • A list of all the files in the changeset.

  • The contents of the files and comments.


  • Comments and findings are tied to the file version where they were added and shown when that version is displayed.

  • To display this changeset on the Changeset Graph, click Show on graph.

  • To browse the contents of the parent stream at the time the changeset was delivered, click Code.

To view changeset details:

  1. In PulseUno, select a space, product, or stream.

  2. In the sidebar, select Changeset History.

  3. Select a changeset to view its details.

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