Fetch from Dimensions CM

Use the Fetch from Dimensions CM bundled plugin to check out source items from a Dimensions CM repository.


When you add this plugin step to a chain, specify the following configuration details:

Field Description
Title Enter a name for the plugin step.
URL for repository

Enter the URL of the Dimensions CM server, for example:


User name Enter the username of a registered Dimensions CM user.
Password Click Set Password to enter the Dimensions CM user's password.

(Optional) Specify the stream to fetch sources from, for example: 



(Optional) To fetch only specific directories, specify directory paths, one path per line, for example:


To fetch the entire stream, leave the field empty.

Clean workspace before fetch (Optional) Select to clean the local work area before fetching source files.
Changeset ID (Optional) Enter the version (changeset ID) of the stream to fetch. By default, the latest version of a stream is used.
Workspace subdirectory to fetch files into (Optional) Enter the subdirectory to fetch source files to. By default, the entire content of the local work area is replaced with the fetched sources.
Enable path validation (Optional) If this option is selected, the plugin can use only the agent’s workspace even if instructed otherwise by the Dimensions CM server.
Control options

(Optional) Expand Control options and define the following settings:

  • Enable step. Leave this option selected to enable the step to run.

    Clearing this option deactivates the step. Disabled steps are displayed crossed out in the list of chain steps.

  • Fail the step. Specify the conditions for failing the step, such as certain findings criteria and/or console log entries.

  • Mark step as unstable. Specify the conditions for making the step unstable, such as certain findings criteria and/or console log entries.

Output variables (Optional) Enter the variables to be passed to other steps down the chain. For details, see Publish output variables.

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