Create and apply merge rules

Merge rules control who can merge pull requests. You can create merge rules and apply them to a product, Git repository, or stream/branch.

Note: Merge rules are not the same as merge strategies. Merge strategies apply only to Git repositories and control how pull requests are merged. For details, see Use merge strategies for pull requests.

Create merge rules

As an administrator, you can manage the rules that control who can merge pull requests.

To create a merge rule:

  1. In PulseUno, navigate to Administration > Merge Rules.

  2. On the Merge Rules pages, click New Merge Rule .

  3. On the New Merge Rule page, provide the following details:

    Field Description
    Title Enter a name for the new merge rule.
    Automatically merge To enable pull requests to be merged automatically, select Automatically merge when a pull request is approved. The automatic merge is performed by the repository’s system user in the background.

    Define how pull request conversations affect the merge:

    • Ignore conversations (default).
    • Do not verify conversations.
    • All pull requests must be Resolved and Accepted.
    • All pull requests must be Resolved.
    Check lists Select All check list items must be checked to enable merging only after all items on the check list are selected.
    Who can merge To display the Merge button in pull requests for specific users, select the author and/or reviewers. These users must have the correct privileges to perform a merge.
    Merge gatekeepers

    To add other users who can see the Merge button, click New . In the Add Merge Gatekeepers dialog box, search for the users you want to add. Select one or more users from the search results and click Add & Continue. Close the dialog box.

    These users must have the correct privileges to perform a merge.

  4. Click Save.

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Apply merge rules

As an administrator or space owner, you can apply rules for merging pull requests to a product/Git repository or stream/branch.

By default, a merge rule set for a product or Git repository applies to all streams/branches in the product, but you can use a different rule for an individual stream/branch.

For details on how to create custom merge rules, see Create merge rules.

To apply a merge rule:

  1. From the spaces list at the top right, select a space.

  2. On the Products page, select a product or Git repository.

  3. To set a merge rule for a stream/branch, open the relevant stream/branch.

  4. In the sidebar, select Settings > Reviewing Changes.

  5. In the Pull Requests section, select Use custom merge rules. Then select a merge rule from the list.

  6. Click Save.

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