Define trusted products for Git repository

To enable PulseUno products or Git repositories to run chains in your Git repository or fetch content from it, define these products as trusted. You can set multiple trusted products.

Note: Administrator or owner permissions required.

Only chains from a trusted product can access your Git repository to pull content from it or run other chains.

To add trusted products to a Git repository:

  1. From the spaces list at the top right, select a space.

  2. On the Products page, select the Git repository for which you want to set trusted products.

  3. In the sidebar, select Settings > Builds.

  4. On the Builds page, in the Trusted Products field, specify a list of trusted products or Git repositories, separated by commas, for example:

    <space>/<product>, <space>/<git-repo>

    Enter space and Git repository names exactly as they are displayed in the Git repository URL. For example, for the Qlarius Git repository in the Insurance space located at http://pulseuno/scm/repo/insurance/qlarius, enter:


    Tip: To find the URL of a PulseUno Git repository, open the Git repository and select Clone in the toolbar. Click Copy to clipboard next to the HTTP link.

    Use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard to match a set of products or Git repositories. For example, to define all products in a space as trusted, enter:


  5. Click Save.

For details on how to pull from a Git repository, see Fetch from Git.

For details on how to create a chain to run child jobs, see Configure chains to run other chains.

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