Set review and pull request page defaults

You can customize what information to display upon opening review pages and how to display files in reviews and pull requests.

Note: Customizations apply to your review pages only and do not affect other users.

To set the defaults for review and pull request pages:

  1. On the top navigation bar, select a space from the spaces list.

  2. (Optional) To restrict the scope, open a product or Git repository and then a stream/branch.

  3. On the sidebar, select Reviews.

  4. From the review list, open a review or pull request.

  5. On the review page, click More in the in the upper-right corner of the page, and select Display Defaults.

  6. In the Display Defaults dialog box, select what to display by default:

    Option Description
    Show by default Select what information to display:

    Comments are displayed by default. You can select to also display comments from other reviewers.

    Findings on files

    By default, findings are displayed inline inside file content.

    If you clear this option, you can view findings by hovering over the file content margin.

    You can select to also display findings on hidden lines.

    Entire file Select this option to display the entire file rather than only the relevant part of a file's contents.
    Previous version of file The previous revision of a file is displayed by default. Clear this option to display only the latest version.
    Show differences unified Select this option to combine the previous and current revisions of a file. By default, the file revisions are displayed side by side.
    Default tab Select what tab to display when opening a review page. By default, the Conversation tab is displayed.
    White spaces Select an option to control how white space is displayed. By default, all spaces are displayed.
  7. Click OK.

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