Known issues

This topic describes the known issues and limitations when working with PulseUno.

Installation and upgrade

Uninstalling or upgrading 20.1 on Windows: Depending on your system's virtual memory, when you attempt to uninstall or upgrade PulseUno 20.1, the following errors may occur:

Unable to load and to prepare the installer in GUI mode.


CopyAndModFiles Git data-dir processing error: file does not exist C:\PulseUno\git-server\logback-dimensions-remote-helper.xml


  1. Edit the Change PulseUno Installation.lax file in the PulseUno installation directory.

    Default path: C:\Program Files\OpenText\PulseUno\Change PulseUno Installation.lax

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  2. Try uninstalling or upgrading PulseUno again.

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PulseUno vaults

  • Deploying Maven artifacts: When deploying a Maven artifact with an incorrect password, you may get the "Connection reset by peer" error instead of the "Failed to log in with user name <username>" error.

    When you deploy a Maven artifact with an -X switch, a detailed error message is displayed:

    [DEBUG] Failed to dispatch transfer event 'PUT PROGRESSED <URL> <> <local-path> to org.apache.maven.cli.transfer.ConsoleMavenTransferListener
    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: progressed file size cannot be greater than size: 696320 > 568158

    This is an issue with Maven, and it may be fixed in a future Maven release.

  • Serena SSO: The PulseUno Vault server is not supported when using Serena SSO.

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Git functionality

  • Serena SSO/CAC: The PulseUno Git server is not supported when using Serena SSO/CAC. To work with the Git server, choose an authentication scheme other than Serena SSO.

  • Signed commits and server-side merge: Defining a branch policy that enforces signed commits in a particular branch may prevent server-side merges of pull requests to that branch. This behavior is expected, as the server-side merge doesn't have access to your private GPG key to sign commits on your behalf.

    Workaround: Merge locally with a signature and push.

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