Post-installation steps

Perform these tasks to complete the PulseUno installation.

Check logs and running services

After installing PulseUno, check the installation logs and running services.

Installation logs

Check the installation logs to review the installation process.

Default locations:

Windows C:\Program Files\OpenText\PulseUno\_PulseUno_installation\Logs
Linux /opt/opentext/PulseUno/_PulseUno_installation/Logs
Running services

Check that the following services are running:

  • OpenText Common Tomcat
  • OpenText PostgreSQL (only if you installed an embedded PostgreSQL database)

Before using PulseUno, ensure that you have the necessary licenses. The evaluation option provided by PulseUno is limited to three users and three agents.

For details about managing licenses, see PulseUno licensing.

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Connect Git and Vault servers

Perform this task only if you skipped configuring the Git or Vault connection during the PulseUno installation.

For details about the Git and Vault server configuration, see Configuration settings.

To specify the URL for the Git and Vault servers:

  1. Open the file in the pulse_data\conf directory on the PulseUno server.

  2. Modify the gitserver.url and vaultserver.url properties by providing a URL for each server, for example:

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  3. Restart Common Tomcat.

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