Enable ALM Octane requests

To use ALM Octane work items with commits in a Git repository, enable the integration with an ALM Octane instance connected to PulseUno.

Prerequisite: Connect to ALM Octane

Note: PulseUno products use the Dimensions CM request system. To use ALM Octane work items in a product, configure ALM Octane as a request provider in Dimensions CM. For details, see the Dimension CM help.

To enable integration with ALM Octane work items:

  1. From the spaces list at the top right, select a space.

  2. On the Products page, open the Git repository in which you want to use ALM Octane work items.

  3. In the sidebar, navigate to Settings > Integrations.

  4. On the Integrations page, in the Requests section, select the connection to an ALM Octane instance.

  5. Enter the following details:

    Field Description
    Workspace Enter the ID of the ALM Octane workspace to provide work items.
    Commit patterns

    Specify message patterns to associate commits with ALM Octane defects, user stories, and quality stories.

    The following patterns are used by default:

    • Defects: defect\s*#(\d+)

      Represents the string defect<any number of spaces>#<defect id>.

    • Quality stories: quality story\s*#(\d+)

      Represents the string quality story<any number of spaces>#<quality story id>.

    • User stories: user story\s*#(\d+)

      Represents the string user story<any number of spaces>#<user story id>.

  6. Click Save.

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