Delete packages

As an administrator or vault owner, you can delete packages and package versions.

Caution: Deleting a package removes all its versions. Deleted packages and versions cannot be restored.

To delete packages and package versions:

  1. From the spaces list at the top right, select a space.

  2. In the sidebar, select Vaults.

  3. On the Vaults page, open the relevant vault.

  4. To delete one or more packages, select the packages, click Delete , and confirm.

  5. To delete one or more package versions, open a package from the list of packages. On the package page, select one or more package versions, click Delete and confirm.

    Maven vaults: For Maven snapshot versions, the files are grouped into deliveries by date. To delete one or more deliveries of a snapshot, open the package version and switch to the Content tab. You can select and delete any delivery except the latest one.

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