Deliver activity reports

Use the Punch Card report to view the days and hours when deliveries were made, and determine activity peaks.

To view a delivery report:

  1. From the spaces list at the top right, select a space.

  2. On the Products page, select a product or Git repository.

  3. To restrict the scope of activity, open the relevant stream/branch.

  4. In the sidebar, select Reports > Punch Card.

    In the Punch Card view, the activity is displayed using color-coded circles. Larger circles indicate higher activity.

  5. To filter the displayed data, click the date filter and specify the following selection criteria:

    Field Description
    Stream Name

    Enter a wildcard to match stream/branch names, for example, QLARIUS:JAV*.

    For multiple wildcard strings, separate each string with a comma.

    Tip: To hide specific streams or branches, add a minus character (-) at the start of the string, for example: -*JAV*.

    Start Date / End Date Select a predefined date range. To view data for a custom time period, select Since or Until and pick a date in the calendar.

    Select additional options, as needed:

    • Include favorites only.

    • Exclude topic streams.

    • Include parent streams.

  6. Click Apply. The view refreshes and displays the data that matches your filters.

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