Known issues

This topic describes the known issues and limitations when working with PulseUno.

Installation and upgrade

The following issues exist when installing or upgrading PulseUno.

Upgrading localized versions of PulseUno 23.2 or earlier on Windows

Windows: When you upgrade a non-English PulseUno version 23.2 or earlier running on an embedded PostgreSQL database to any later version, the installer causes the machine to reboot automatically after uninstalling the earlier version.


  1. Before the upgrade, go to your current PulseUno installation directory and open the file Change PulseUno Installation.lax. The file is named in the language of your installation.

    Default location: 

    C:\Program Files\OpenText\PulseUno\Change PulseUno Installation.lax

  2. In the Change PulseUno Installation.lax file, find the lax.command.line.args property and append its value with the following argument:


Uninstalling or upgrading 20.1 on Windows

Depending on your system's virtual memory, when you attempt to uninstall or upgrade PulseUno 20.1, the following errors may occur:

Unable to load and to prepare the installer in GUI mode.


CopyAndModFiles Git data-dir processing error: file does not exist C:\PulseUno\git-server\logback-dimensions-remote-helper.xml


  1. Edit the Change PulseUno Installation.lax file in the PulseUno installation directory:

    C:\Program Files\OpenText\PulseUno\Change PulseUno Installation.lax

    Set the initial and maximum heap size to the following values:

  2. Uninstall or upgrade PulseUno again.

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PulseUno vaults

The following issues and limitations exist when working with the PulseUno Vault server.

Deploying Maven artifacts

When deploying a Maven artifact with an incorrect password, you may get the "Connection reset by peer" error instead of the "Failed to log in with user name <username>" error.

When you deploy a Maven artifact with an -X switch, a detailed error message is displayed:

[DEBUG] Failed to dispatch transfer event 'PUT PROGRESSED <URL> <> <local-path> to org.apache.maven.cli.transfer.ConsoleMavenTransferListener

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: progressed file size cannot be greater than size: 696320 > 568158

This is an issue with Maven, and it may be fixed in a future Maven release.

Serena SSO The PulseUno Vault server is not supported when using Serena SSO.

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Git functionality

The following issues and limitations exist when working with the PulseUno Git server.

Serena SSO/CAC The PulseUno Git server is not supported when using Serena SSO/CAC. To work with the Git server, choose an authentication scheme other than Serena SSO.
Signed commits and server-side merge

Defining a branch policy that enforces signed commits in a particular branch may prevent server-side merges of pull requests to that branch.

This behavior is expected, as the server-side merge doesn't have access to your private GPG key to sign commits on your behalf.

Workaround: Merge locally with a signature and push.

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