Configure proxy settings

You can configure PulseUno components to connect via a proxy when connecting to an external network, for example, when connecting to a remote repository.

Configure proxy settings

To configure the proxy settings, add the proxy settings properties to the configuration file for the relevant component.

Component Configuration file
PulseUno server <pulse_data>\conf\
Vault server <vault_data>\conf\
Git server <git_data>\conf\
Agent <pulseAgentDataDir>\config\

For details on the full file paths for configuration files, see Configuration settings.

Proxy settings properties

Property Type Details HTTP Host name for the HTTP proxy, without http:// prefix.
proxy.http.port HTTP

Port number for the HTTP proxy.

Default value: 80

proxy.http.user HTTP Proxy username, if authentication is required.
proxy.http.password HTTP Proxy password, if authentication is required. HTTPS Host name for the HTTP proxy, without http:// prefix.
proxy.https.port HTTPS

Port number for the HTTPS proxy.

Default value: 443

proxy.https.user HTTPS Proxy username, if authentication is required.
proxy.https.password HTTPS Proxy password, if authentication is required.
proxy.nonproxyhosts Common

Comma-separated list of hosts that are ignored by the proxy settings and use a direct connection.

The host names are case sensitive and must be specified in full, without wildcards.

If only HTTP settings are configured, HTTPS connections use the HTTP settings, and vice versa. Therefore, if the HTTP and HTTPS settings are identical, you do not need to configure both.


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Legacy proxy settings

The following legacy proxy settings are supported, but the standard proxy settings override these legacy proxy settings.

Component Legacy proxy settings
Agent agent.http.proxy.enabled=true
Git server <enableProxy>true</enableProxy>

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Known issues for proxy connections

The following modules do not support HTTPS proxy configurations. For these modules, the HTTP configuration is always used.

  • ALM Octane/ValueEdge integration
  • SCM Manager

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