Add owners to Dimensions CM requests

You can add owners to a request if the request is in your inbox or if you are a Dimensions CM administrator. You can also remove owners from requests if their role was not inherited.

To add owners to a request:

  1. On the top navigation bar, select a space from the spaces list.

  2. On the Products page, open a product.

  3. On the sidebar, expand Issues and select Backlogs or Iterations.

  4. Open a backlog or iteration from the list.
  5. Open a request from the backlog or iteration.

  6. In the General tab, in the Owners section, click Add .

  7. From the Role to Assign list, select a role, for example, Developer.

  8. From the Capability of Users list, select a capability, for example, Secondary.

  9. In the Users to Assign box, find and select one or more users.

  10. Click Add and then Save.

To remove owners if their role was not inherited:

  1. Open the request from the request catalog, a backlog, or an iteration.

  2. In the General tab, in the Owners section, select one or more owners.

  3. Click Remove and then Save.

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