Contributors reports

Use the contributors report to view a list of all the developers that have made deliveries.

To view the contributors report:

  1. On the top navigation bar, select a space from the spaces list.

  2. On the Products page, select a product or Git repository.

  3. To restrict the scope of activity, open the relevant stream/branch.

  4. On the sidebar, select Reports > Contributors.

    On the Contributors page, the total number of contributors and deliveries for all developers is displayed.

    The number of delivered changesets and the health of their chains is color-coded:

    Green tile The chains were successful and are healthy.
    Yellow tile The chain are unstable and there are health issues.
    Red tile The chains failed and there are health issues.
    Grey tile No chains ran on the changesets.
  5. Hover over a colored section of a contributor's bar to view its percentage of the total number of delivered changesets.

    The contributor's total number of deliveries is displayed to the right of their bar.

  6. To filter the displayed data, click the date filter on the toolbar and specify the following filtering options:

    Field Description
    Stream Name

    When viewing data for a product or space, you can limit the selection to specific streams or branches.

    Enter a wildcard pattern to match stream/branch names, for example, QLARIUS:JAV*. For multiple wildcard strings, separate each string with a comma.

    Tip: To hide specific streams or branches, add a minus character (-) at the start of the string, for example: -*JAV*.

    Start Date / End Date Select a predefined date range. To display data for a custom time period, select Since or Until and pick a date in the calendar.

    For Dimensions CM streams, select additional options, as needed:

    • Include favorites only.

    • Exclude topic streams.

    • Include parent streams.

  7. Click Apply. The view refreshes and displays the data that matches your filters.

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