Create a Git repository template

Generate a Git repository template so that you can use it as a blueprint for new repositories. A template is an exact copy of a repository's file structure and content.

Note: This functionality is available only with the PulseUno Git server.

To create a Git repository template:

  1. In your local workspace, open the directory containing the Git repository files you want to copy.

  2. Compress the repository's file structure and content into a .zip file. You don't need to compress the .git directory, as the versioned data in the .git directory is not transferred when using the template.

  3. Copy the .zip file to the <pulse_data>\conf\gitserver-templates directory on your PulseUno server, for example:

    Windows C:\ProgramData\OpenText\PulseUno\pulse_data\conf\gitserver-templates
    Linux /opt/opentext/pulseuno/data/pulse_data/conf/gitserver-templates
  4. To make the template available in the user interface, restart Common Tomcat.

You can now use the template to create a new Git repository. For details, see Create a Git repository.

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