Create review check lists

When you vote to approve reviews, packages, or request changes, you typically need to select items from a check list. As an administrator, you can create check lists to satisfy different levels of severity.

For example, you could have the following lists:

  • Secure: A complex check list with high levels of tightly controlled compliance, for example, for licensing.

  • Minimum: A small list with low levels of compliance, for example, for in-house testing.

For each stream or branch the same check list is used for approvals and changes. But you can associate a different review check list with a stream/branch. For details, see Set default check lists.

To create a review check list:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Check Lists.

  2. Click New Check List .

  3. Enter a title for the check list.

  4. Enter items that you want your reviewers to select when voting to approve reviews or request changes.

    Review check lists may contain up to 10 items, for example, coding standards, export compliance regulations, or software complexity rules.

  5. Click Save.

To delete review check lists:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Check Lists.

  2. Select one or more check lists.

  3. Click Delete and confirm.

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