Define trusted products for vault

To enable PulseUno products or Git repositories to deploy packages to a vault using chains, define these products as trusted.

Note: Administrator or owner permissions required.

To help you securely deploy to a vault, PulseUno provides a set of temporary system credentials referenced by variables PULSE_VAULT_USERNAME and PULSE_VAULT_PASSWORD. It is good practice to use these variables in your build scripts to authenticate to a vault during deployment. Only the chains that run from trusted products can use these variables to access the vault and deploy packages to it. For details, see Built-in variables.

To add trusted products to a vault:

  1. On the top navigation bar, select a space from the spaces list.

  2. On the sidebar, select Vaults.

  3. On the Vaults page, open the vault for which you want to set trusted products.

  4. On the sidebar, select Settings > Trusted Products.

  5. On the Trusted Products page, specify a list of trusted products or Git repositories. Enter their Trust URIs separated by commas, for example:

    <space>/<product>, <space>/<git-repo>

    Tip: To obtain a product's Trust URI, open the product or Git repository and select Settings on the sidebar. Click Copy to clipboard next to the Trust URI field.

    Use the asterisk (*) wildcard to match a set of products or Git repositories.

    Example: To define all products in a particular space as trusted, enter: <space>/*

  6. Click Save.

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