Manage corporate strategy

Use the ValueEdge Strategy module to define a set of strategic themes that support your corporate strategy.


Corporate strategies are the visions or goals your organization plans to achieve. Strategic themes are the pillars that support the corporate strategy. They are the main, high-level strategic focus areas of your organization.

Strategic themes connect the evolving corporate business strategy to the portfolio vision which is then inherited by the portfolio initiatives. Strategic themes drive the future state of a portfolio and provide business context for portfolio decision-making.

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Create global strategic themes

Define global strategic themes that can be used for all portfolios in your organization.

To create global strategic themes:

  1. From the ValueEdge platform menu, select Portfolio & Strategy > Corporate Strategy.

    Tip: The Hamburger menu is located at the top left of the screen.

  2. Click Add.
  3. Provide the name, status, owner, and description for the global strategic theme.
  4. To help distinguish the strategic theme from others, select a color.
  5. To add the strategic theme, click Add. To add another strategic theme, click Add & Another.
  6. To adjust the ranking of a strategic theme, make sure the strategic themes are sorted by the ranking order, and then drag the strategic theme to the target places.

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