Evaluate initiative value

When an epic is added to a portfolio, the KPIs related to the portfolio's business goals are passed down to the portfolio epic. During the portfolio epic execution, you can forecast how much impact the portfolio epic would make on these KPIs. Such forecasted KPI values are KPI impacts.

Add KPI impacts

This section describes how to forecast the impact of a portfolio epic on the relevant KPIs.

To add KPI impacts:

  1. Open the portfolio epic.
  2. Go to the Strategy section.

  3. In the Strategic Theme field, select a strategic theme the portfolio epic is aligned with.

    The Impacts to Relevant KPIs area displays the KPIs related to the business goals that serve the selected strategic theme.

  4. Locate the target KPI and click Add Impact.
  5. Enter the impact value and the effective date of that value.
  6. In the Write down your assumptions text area, enter the assumptions on which the KPI impact value is based.
  7. Click to save the impact.

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Track impact status

After the effective date of an impact value, you can use the Status option to track whether the impact value is delivered. This option appears only when the current date is the effective date or later.

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Ignore irrelevant KPIs

If you find a KPI not relevant to the portfolio epic, you can ignore the KPI.

To ignore a KPI, click the Ignore button in the KPI. The KPI is moved to the Ignored KPIs list.

To add a KPI back to the relevant KPIs list, click the Un-ignore button in the KPI from the Ignored KPIs list.

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