Configure Overview tab

Configure which portlets are displayed in the portfolio Overview tab and how they are displayed.

You can configure the Overview tab for portfolios that use a certain portfolio type, or for a single portfolio.

To configure the Overview tab:

  1. To configure the Overview tab for portfolios that use a specific portfolio type, open the portfolio type.

    To configure the Overview tab for a specific portfolio, open the portfolio, click ... > Portfolio Settings in the top-right corner.

  2. In the Tabs section, click the settings icon on the Overview tab.

    Note: The settings icon is available only when you select to display the Overview tab in a portfolio by dragging the tab to the Selected Tabs area. For details, see Set up portfolio tabs.

  3. In the Portfolio Overview Layout section, click Configure Layout.

  4. Click Add Portlets to add a self-service portlet to the tab.

  5. In the Search box, type a keyword to search for the portlets that contain the keyword in the name or description.

  6. Select the target portlet, and then click Add.

  7. Edit the preference for the portlet:

    • To change the portlet position of a portlet, drag and drop it to the preferred place on page.

    • To change the portlet size, drag portlet border.

    • To change the portlet title and specify the data to display on the portlet, click to open the Edit Preferences page. For details on how to edit the portlet preferences, see Set up self-service portlets.

  8. To delete a portlet, click Delete and then click Yes to confirm.

Tip: Available only in the Create Portfolio Type and Modify Portfolio Type pages. If you allow portfolio managers to override the overview layout settings in their portfolios, enable the Allow portfolio manager to override the following settings option. Otherwise, portfolio managers cannot edit the financial security settings in their portfolios.

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