ScanResult Class
This class represents a condition to be reported that was found by the scanner.
Object Model
ScanResult Class IScanCustomAction Interface ScanControl Class IScanner Interface
public class ScanResult 
Typically, a ScanResult is an error in the Application Under Test.
Inheritance Hierarchy


Public Constructors
  Name Description
Public Constructor ScanResult Constructor  
Public Properties
  Name Description
Public Property ActiveCustomAction The most recent action performed on this scan result.  
Public Property AttachedFiles The collection of files attached to this ScanResult.  
Public Property Category The category of the result.  
Public Property Data Additional data about the result. This data is application-dependant.  
Public Property Description The description of the result.  
Public Property RelevantCntrl The control the result was found in.  
Public Property Scanner The scanner that found this result.  
Public Property Severity The severity of the result found.  
Public Property Summary A short summary of the result.  
Public Methods
  Name Description
Public Method Equals Overloaded. Returns true if the other ScanResult is identical to this ScanResult.  
Public Events
  Name Description
Public Event PropertyChanged A property value changed.