IScanner Interface
The main scanner interface, declaring scanner properties, methods for handling the scan data, and the scan method.
Object Model
IScanner Interface AggregatedScanResult Class
public interface IScanner 
Implementation of this interface is mandatory.
Public Properties
  Name Description
Property AutExecutionTypeCompatibility The type of application this scanner is compatible with.  
Property Description A short description of the scanner.  
Property Icon The scanner's icon.  
Property ID The scanner ID.  
Property RequieredControlsRunTimeExtendedProperties Requiered run time properties for the controls the scanner will work on.  
Property Settings Run-time settings key-value collection.  
Property SettingsView Settings UI control.  
Property VisualName The scanner's display name. The name can be localized.  
Public Methods
  Name Description
Method AbortScan Halts the scan run.  
Method GetAggregatedResult Returns an aggregation of the input results.  
Method GetCustomActions Returns the custom actions that apply to the result.  
Method ResetSettings Deletes user settings. After ResetSettings returns, the values returned by Settings are used.  
Method Scan Processes the data passed from Sprinter.  
Public Events
  Name Description
Event ScanResultFound The scanner fires this event when a result is found in the scanned data.