Prepare for a Test Run

If you logged in with ALM, after you create a test in Plan mode, open the Test Lab module in ALM and add it to a test set. Return to Sprinter and switch to Run Mode .

Click the Open button in the Run mode's Run Setup area to open your test. You see the Test Sets tree and the information from the Execution tab. You select the tests you want to run and open them.

The tests appear in the Test Runs list inside the Run Setup area, in the main window of Sprinter.

The Test Runs list displays tests that you can include in your next run. At this point you can add or remove tests in the Test Runs list or you could use the right-click options to change the order of the tests in your list or leave a test in the list but not include it in the next run.

For now you decide not to modify the list of tests and you check the status bar to confirm how many tests from the Test Runs list will be included in the next run.

At this point, you can review your test and run information. This information is displayed in the right pane of the main window when you select a test in the Test Runs list and select a node in the Definitions group.

You review the General Settings node which displays general information about the testthe same information that you would normally find in Application Lifecycle Management, including the name of the test, the name of the test set, the name of the configuration, the test designer, the name of the run, and the test description.

You confirm the steps in your test by reviewing them in the Steps node of the Definitions group.

You review the parameters in your test in the Parameters node of the Definitions group. You modify the relevant actual values to meet your current testing needs.

Now you are ready to Activate Power Mode.