General Settings Pane (Settings Dialog Box)

This pane enables you to set general settings for Sprinter.

UI Example
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To access

Select Settings button > General node.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Show Welcome dialog on startup

Opens the Welcome dialog box each time you start Sprinter. For details, see Welcome Dialog Box.

Tip: You can also disable this dialog by clearing the Show on startup check box in the dialog box.

Show Power Mode Welcome dialog

Opens the Welcome to Power Mode dialog box when you activate Power Mode.

Tip: You can also hide this dialog by clearing the Display this screen when Power Mode is turned on check box in the dialog box.

Enable Animations

Enables animations for Data Injection and Annotations during test runs. Animation enhances the look and feel of the run, showing the operations within the applications in an animated way.

Note: Enabling animation may affect performance.


A drop-down indicating the interface language.

Note: For a change in the interface language to take effect, you must restart Sprinter.