Parameters Pane (Plan Mode Definitions Group)

This pane enables you to create parameters and edit their details. It displays existing parameters and allows you to edit their values.

UI Example - Tests
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UI Example - Components
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To access

Do the following:

  1. In the Plan area, select a test or component from the Tests and Components list.

  2. Click the Test or Component tab in the right pane

  3. Select the Definitions > Parameters node.

Important information

For tests, only input parameters are supported. For components, both input and output parameters are supported.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Adds a new input parameter for tests.

Adds a new input or output parameter (for components only). The drop-down provides these options:

  • New Input Parameter (default)

  • New Output Parameter

Deletes the selected parameters from the list.

Moves the selected parameter up the list.

Moves the selected parameter down the list.

Enables you to filter the parameter list according to a text string.

Note: You can use plain text with the wildcard, *.

Is Used

Indicates whether the parameter is used by the test or component.


The name of the parameter.

Default Value

The default value for an input parameter.


The value of the parameter.

Available only for: output parameters in components

Is Encrypted

Indicates whether to encrypt the parameter. This option is automatically selected if the parameter is already encrypted in ALM.

Available only for: input parameters defined for components


A description of the parameter and its purpose.