Steps Tab

This tab displays the steps in your test or component and enables you to edit, move, and delete steps. You can also add attachments, calls to external Application Lifecycle Management tests, and screen captures.

UI Example

Click thumbnail to view full size image for ALM.

Click thumbnail to view full size image for Octane.

To access

Do the following:

  1. In the Plan area, select a test or component from the Tests and Components list.

  2. Click the Steps tab.

Important information
  • You can resize the Sprinter window and the columns in the display to view all the information.

  • Right-click the column header area to select which columns to display.

  • Parameters in steps are represented by <<<parameter name>>>. If a parameter was deleted from the Parameters list, it is displayed as <parameter name>.

See also

Capture Sidebar

The Steps tab contains a ribbon and a grid representation of the steps.