Steps Pane (Run Setup Definitions Group)

This tab displays the steps in your test.

For ALM users:  For Business Process Tests it displays the test hierarchy, including components, steps, groups, flows, and iterations.

It also enables you to import steps to a test from an external file.

UI Example - Tests
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UI Example - Components (for ALM users)
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To access

In the main window, select a test from the Test Runs list and then select Definitions > Steps node.

Important information
  • You can resize the Sprinter window and the columns in the display to view all the information.

  • You can expand thumbnail images in your steps by double clicking the image or by selecting the Expanded View button from the toolbar.
  • Right-click the column header area to select which columns to display.

  • The Name, Description, and Expected Result values can be edited in the Steps Sidebar during the test run.

  • For ALM users, parameters in steps are represented by <actual value >. If there is no actual value, the parameter is displayed as <<<parameter name>>> .

  • For ALM users, you cannot Export, Print, or Email steps in a Business Process Test.

Descriptions of the user interface elements are available in the pane.