Parameters Pane (Run Setup Definitions Group)

This pane displays and enables you to edit the actual values of the parameters used in your test.

For ALM users: For Business Process Testing, this pane only shows the input parameters.

UI Example
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To access

In the main window, select a test from the Test Runs list and then select Definitions > Parameters node.

Important information for ALM users

The default values in the Parameters pane are taken from the test. Only the Actual Value can be edited from Sprinter. All other values must be edited from Application Lifecycle Management.

For details on using parameters in tests, see the Application Lifecycle Management User Guide.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements



The name of the parameter.

Actual Value

The value that will be used in the test run. If there is no actual value, the default value will be used.

Default Value

The default value for the parameter.


The description of the parameter.


The source test of the parameter.