User Actions Pane/User Actions Summary Dialog Box

Relevant for Power Mode only

This area displays a summary of the user actions you performed during your run and any comments you added for each action. It also enables you to export, print, or email your user action information. This pane also allows you to export the run to a manual test, a Unified Functional Testing (UFT) test or a business component in UFT.

UI Example
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To access
  • After a test run, select the Results > User Actions node.

  • During a run, select the Tools sidebar > Show User Actions button.

  • Select the Results > User Actions node.

Important information
  • The User Actions Summary dialog box displays user action information during a test run. It contains most of the information and most of the functionality as the User Actions pane.

  • User actions are recorded only in Power Mode.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Generate Test

Enables you to export all user actions as test steps in a new manual test. You can add test details, format and edit the steps, and save the new test. For details, see Generate Test Dialog Box.

Note: This option is available only at the end of the run session.

Export to UFT

Enables you to export all user actions and application control definitions to an XML file and save this file in the file system.

This file can be converted to a GUI test or a GUI business component with a local object repository in Unified Functional Testing. For more details, refer to the Unified Functional Testing documentation.

Note: This option is available only at the end of the run session. If you close the test and reopen it in Run mode, you will not be able to perform this export.


Enables you to export all user actions to an external spreadsheet. You can modify the data in the external file and then use the Import Steps option in the Plan mode's Steps tab.

Drop-down options:

  • Export to Excel

  • Export to CSV


Prints the user action list.

Drop-down options:

  • Print

  • Print Preview


Enables you to email the user action list as an attachment. A default mail client must be installed on the Sprinter machine.

User Actions

A list of user actions performed during the run session. The following information is available for each user action:

  • Action

  • Time

  • Description

  • Comment