Data Injection Sidebar

Relevant for Power Mode only

This sidebar enables you to automatically enter data into forms in desktop applications or Web pages.

UI Example
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To access

Do the following:

  1. Enter Run mode and open a test or component.

  2. Turn on Power mode.

  3. In the Power Mode group, click the Data Injection node.

  4. In the Data Injection pane, add at least one data set.

  5. Click the Power Mode Run button.

Tip: To lock the sidebar in the open position, click the thumbtack icon. To reposition the sidebar, click and drag on the sidebar header.

Important information

If your application does not have any associated data sets, the Data Injection sidebar is not displayed.

See also

Data Injection Overview

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Elements


<Data set list>

A drop-down list of the data sets associated with your application.

<Data set columns>

The column names in your data set. To exclude a specific column from data injection, clear its check box.

Inject Data. Injects the data from the selected row of the data table into the fields in your application.

Display Field Mapping. Highlights and labels the fields in the application that match the column headings in the data set. The column headings in the data set are displayed in the highlighted fields in the application. Click again to turn off the highlighting.

Refresh Data. Reloads the data from the data set source into the Data Injection sidebar.

Manage Fields. Opens the Manage (& Map) Fields Dialog Box, enabling you to define which fields will be injected, the fields to which they should be mapped, and the mapping order. .

<Data injection status>

The Data Injection sidebar displays an icon in its tab indicating the success , partial success , or failure of data that was most recently injected. For details, click the icon to open the Data Injection Status window.

<Mapping status>

A status message in the lower section of the sidebar, indicating that some or all headers of the data set were not mapped.