Comparing Machines

Relevant for Power Mode only

When you compare machines, Sprinter compares the display of your primary machine with those of all the secondary machines in your run.

When Sprinter begins comparing the machines, the display on your primary machine will display a gray overlay, indicating that Sprinter is learning all the objects in your primary display. There is also a visual indication on the Machines sidebar tab. During the learning process, Sprinter learns each of the individual objects in the displays as well as their properties, and compares them. For example, Sprinter can learn that your display contains a check box, as well as whether the checkbox is enabled or disabled, even if there is no indication in the display as to its state.

After Sprinter learns the display of your primary machine, it compares it to the displays of the secondary machines. While each secondary machine is being compared, the comparison status turns gray. If Sprinter did not detect any differences in the displays, the comparison icon returns to green

If Sprinter detects differences between the displays, the comparison status and the secondary machine display both turn red and Sprinter locks the secondary machine.

When a secondary machine is locked, you can continue to perform actions on your primary machine. These actions will be pending for any secondary machines that are locked. Pending actions may or may not be replicated, depending on how you resolve the differences between machines. For details, see Resolving Problems on and Unlocking Secondary Machines.