Run a Test with Mirroring

Relevant for Power Mode only

The following steps describe how to run a test with Mirroring. This task assumes that you already understand the basic functionality of Sprinter and how to run a test without Mirroring as described in Run a Manual Test in Sprinter, and includes the following steps:

  1. Prerequisites

    To run a test with mirroring, you need to configure the secondary machines in your run. You may also want to review any rules you already have for your application and your comparison settings.

    For details, see Prepare a Test for Mirroring

  2. Start the run

    When you start a run with mirroring, the Health Console opens, displaying the status and connection progress of all the machines in the run.

    From the Health Console you can:

    • Initialize a machine that failed to connect

    • Open the Machine Details Dialog Box

    • Open a remote desktop connection to the machine

    • When all the machines connect successfully, the Health Console closes and the run begins.

  3. Perform the user actions in your test

    Run your test as usual. Each of the user actions you perform on your primary machine are replicated on your secondary machines.

    Note: Sprinter replicates your user actions only after they are completed. For edit boxes and combo boxes, the action is not complete, and will not be replicated, until you move the focus off the box.

  4. View the status of your secondary machines in the Machines sidebar

    The Machines sidebar displays:

    • The number action that was last attempted on each machine.

    • The status of each machine as a tool tip, when you hover over the machine display.

    • The replication status of your action.

    • The comparison status of each machine.

    • For details on using the Machines sidebar, see Machines Sidebar.

  5. View a current screen capture of all the machines in your run - Optional

    Click the Machines Viewer button to open the Machines Viewer.

  6. Compare the displays of your primary and secondary machines - Optional

    When you compare machines, Sprinter compares the display of your primary machine with those of all the secondary machines in your run and detects any differences between the displays.

    Click the Compare All button to compare the display of your primary machine with those of all your secondary machines.

    Compare All compares only those secondary machines whose action numbers are the same as the primary machine.

    For more details on comparing the machines in your run, see Comparing Machines.

  7. Resolve replication or comparison problems on a secondary machine - Optional

    If Sprinter could not replicate your user action on a secondary machine, or if it detected differences between your machines during a Compare All operation, the Machines sidebar indicates the problem and the secondary machine is locked.

    In order for subsequent user actions to be replicated, you must resolve the replication problem or difference and unlock the machine.

    For details on how to handle differences and replication errors, see:

  8. Continue with your test as usual

    Continue performing the user actions in your test as usual.