General Tab (New Machine/Machine Details Dialog Box)

Relevant for Power Mode only

This tab enables you to define the configuration of a secondary machine.

UI Example
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To access
  1. Select Power Mode group > Mirroring node.

  2. In the Mirroring pane, click the Add button. The New Machine dialog box opens.

  3. Select New Machine dialog box > General tab.

See also

Testing on Multiple Machines

Descriptions of the user interface elements are available in the dialog box when you hover over them. The table below describes the user interface elements:

UI Elements



A logical name for the secondary machine.


A description of the secondary machine's environment, for example, a browser or operating system name.


The computer or virtual machine you want to use as a secondary machine.

The following are valid entries:

  • The IP address of the computer or virtual machine

  • The machine name of the computer or virtual machine in one of the following formats:

    • MachineName.DomainName

    • DomainName\MachineName


The icon that will be displayed in the Machines sidebar, to represent the secondary machine.

Click the Change Icon button to open the Change Icon Dialog Box and select a different icon for the secondary machine.

You may want to select an icon that helps you identify the specific configuration of the secondary machine. For example, if the secondary machine is testing a different browser, you can use an icon to represent that browser.