User Credentials Tab (New Machine/Machine Details Dialog Box)

Relevant for Power Mode only

This tab enables you to provide login information for your secondary machine. This information is used for the following:

  • Opening a remote desktop connection to the secondary machine, when running the test.

  • Interacting with the Sprinter Agent on the secondary machine. In this case Sprinter will only use a Sprinter Agent that is launched by the specified user, with the correct credentials.

  • To allow Sprinter to use any Sprinter Agent running on the secondary machine, set the ProtectSessions flag in the Sprinter.exe.config file (in the product's bin folder) to False on the secondary machine.

UI Example
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To access
  1. Select Power Mode group > Mirroring node.

  2. In the Mirroring pane, click the Add button. The New Machine dialog box opens.

  3. Select New Machine dialog box > User Credentials tab.

Important information
  • If you try to connect to the machine during your run and you did not enter the remote desktop connection credentials in this tab or the credentials are incorrect, you will be prompted for this information.

  • The credentials you provide must match the credentials for the user currently logged on to the secondary machine. If they do not match, you will be prompted for this information.

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