Rule Wizard - Rule Details Page

Relevant for Power Mode only

This wizard enables you to create a custom rule to resolve differences between machines in a test with mirroring.

UI Example
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To access

Use one of the following:

  • In the Differences Viewer >New Rule button >Create custom rule option.

  • Start a run and click the View Rules button in the Machine sidebar. In the Rules Manager click the New Rule or Edit Rule buttons.

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Wizard map

This wizard contains:

Rule Details page > Rule Target Page > Rule Description Page

See also

Rules Overview

Descriptions of the user interface elements are available on the wizard page when you hover over them.

The table below provides additional information for some of these elements:

UI Elements



Determines what the rule will ignore.

  • Ignore property. Only differences in the specific property of the object will be ignored.

  • Ignore object. All differences in the object will be ignored.


Determines when the rule will apply.

  • All Applications. The rule will apply to all test runs.

  • Current Application. The rule will apply to the application currently defined for the test only. Any tests configured to use the same application will use this rule.