Rule Description Page

This wizard page enables you to define when the rule will be applied and on which specific property.

UI Example
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Important information

The options displayed in the page are different depending on the selections in previous pages.

Wizard map

This wizard contains:

Rule Wizard - Rule Details Page > Rule Target Page > Rule Description Page

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Rule action

This area defines the specific action the rule will take. Its display depends on selections you made earlier in the wizard.

  • Ignore the <object name> <object type>.

  • If you selected Ignore object in the Rule Details page, the rule action is set to ignore the object you selected in the Rule Target page.

  • Select Properties to ignore.

  • If you selected Ignore property in the Rule Details page, you need to select the properties you want the rule to ignore. Click the browse button to select from a list of properties for the object you selected in the Rule Target page. Press Enter to accept your selections.


This area defines the specific conditions under which the rule will be applied.

Select properties and conditions to limit when the rule will be applied.

  • Available Properties. The list of properties that are available for the selected object. Select a property from the list and click the right arrow to move it to the Selected Conditions list.

  • Selected Conditions. When you move a property to this list it is automatically set to apply the rule when the property is different between machines.

  • You can create a more specific definition of the conditions under which the rule will apply, by clicking the browse button . For details on the selections available, see , below.

Note: You do not need to set any conditions in this area. If no conditions are set, the rule action will be applied based on your previous selections in the wizard with no additional limiting conditions.

For example: Suppose these are your selections in the previous wizard pages:

  • In the Rule Details page - you selected Ignore Property.

  • In the Rule Target page - you selected the Any object of type radio button and selected image.

If you do not set any conditions in the When area, the properties you selected in the Rule Action area will be ignored for all image objects.

Property Conditions

The property conditions enable you to set a specific condition under which the rule will apply.

The selections available in the property conditions depend on the property you selected in the Selected Conditions section of the Rule Description page.

Some selections are available for integer values only, some for boolean values only, and some for text values only.

Some conditions can be a simple or composite statement. The simple statement compares the property value with a value that you set. To enable the composite statement, select the Use composite statement check box. This enables the second part of the statement so you can further refine the condition.

For integers, you can specify an absolute difference between the primary and secondary machine values. You can specify an actual value or a percentage. These options are useful when you only want to know the magnitude of the differences between the machines—you don't care if the value on one machine was greater than another.