Run Results Overview

Sprinter's run results provide a summary of your run. In the run results you can:

  • View a summary of your run including basic run information, the number of user actions, run defects, comments, and a breakdown of the steps by status.

  • View details of all the steps in your run including actual results and any attached screen captures or other attachments.

  • View details of all the defects you submitted during your run.

  • If the Capture all images in a test option is disabled in the Setting dialog box, your ALM administrator can enable it in the project. If you do not have permissions in Application Lifecycle Management, this pane's options will be disabled.

  • The Storyboard displays detailed information for each user action performed in your run. You can export this information to a Microsoft Word file.
  • Sprinter saves the screen captures of all the actions in your test in a temporary folder. You can indicate whether Sprinter should save the images shown in the Storyboard or discard them after the run. To indicate which images to capture, open the Run area in the Settings dialog box. For details, see Settings Dialog Box.

  • The images you see in the Storyboard, are the same ones your will see in the exported Word file and saved run result, as indicated in the Settings Dialog Box. Images from manually inserted steps are always exported, regardless of the Run settings.

  • For ALM users:

    • Open the Application Lifecycle Management Defect Details dialog box from the run results to review the information in your defects.
    • For ALM, changes to the Run settings will only apply to actions captured after you made the change.

    • View details of the defect reminders you created during your run. You can submit defects based on these defect reminders. (Not available when viewing the results in the Results Viewer without Sprinter installed.)

    • View details of all the user actions you performed during your run, and convert them to a Unified Functional Testing-compatible data file.

For details, see the Run Results View.