What's New in Sprinter 15.0-15.0.2

Sprinter versions 15.0-15.0.2 contain the following features and enhancements:

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ALM Integration

Version 15.0: Sprinter now includes support for ALM 15.X. This includes Single Sign-on (SSO) capabilities.

Version 15.0.1: Ability to link runtime defects to Run Step.

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ALM Octane Integration

Version 15.0: The ALM Octane integration now includes authenticated proxy support. Sprinter can connect to an Octane server by authenticated proxy set, using an IE browser.

Version 15.0.1: Ability to specify proxy settings for the Octane connection.

Version 15.0.2: You can now customize the Tester field by updating the Sprinter configuration file.

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UFT Mobile Integration

Version 15.0: The UFT Mobile integration now includes access key authentication support. Sprinter can connect to UFT Mobile by a new execution access key, in addition to basic authentication via a username and password.

Version 15.0.2: The UFT Mobile integration supports additional device metrics in UFT Mobile version 3.50.

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  • Version 15.0: Facelift for Actual Result window, Storyboard window and Defect Reminder in Run Result.

  • Stability improvements and bug fixes.

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