Start Sprinter

Today is the first day you are using Sprinter to test your application.

You will be running an Application Lifecycle Management test, but you know you can load your Application Lifecycle Management tests in Sprinter, so you decide whether to run your test completely through Sprinter or in Application Lifecycle Management.

You sit down at your computer, double-click the Sprinter icon on your desktop, and Sprinter opens.

You have an Application Lifecycle Management license and connect to Sprinter with ALM.

Enter your Application Lifecycle Management address, user name, and password, and click Authenticate. Then select your domain and project and click Login.

If you are using external authentication (CAB or SSO) to log in to ALM, you do not need to enter your user name and password. Enter your Application Lifecycle Management address and click Authenticate.

To also work with UFT Mobile, you must enter the server credentials. Click the Settings button , and go to the Mobile section. After you enter your information, click Test Connection to validate your information.

Now you are ready to Create Your Test.