Troubleshooting Running Tests and Components

This section describes troubleshooting and limitations for running tests with steps and Business Process Tests.

  • You cannot run Sprinter with a display color depth of 256 colors (8 bit).

  • If you close the Run Attachments dialog box and reopen it while an attachment is still uploading, the attachment is not displayed. Do not delete run attachments until they finish uploading.

  • Analog mode is not supported.

  • In Firefox, actions on the OK and Cancel buttons in the Confirm and Prompt dialogs are not captured.

For ALM users:

  • To work with the Silverlight add-in, your Silverlight application must be initialized with the EnableHtmlAccess property value set to 'True'. For details, see

  • When running a Sprinter test in ALM, the Cross Run report does not show the Sprinter test steps. To access the report, click the My Runs List tab and select Analysis > Reports > Cross Run with Steps.
  • When moving a jQuery slider with the mouse, the "mouse up" action must be performed while the mouse pointer is over the slider. Otherwise, the user action will not be recorded.

  • Certain ASPajax controls may not be recognized by Sprinter. Try refreshing the page.

  • When working with Sprinter on a Windows Server 2008 or 2008 R2 machine, you must install the Desktop Experience feature in order to successfully display all image attachments in ALM.

  • To install Desktop Experience:

    • On the server machine, select Start > Administrative Tools >Server Manager.

    • Select the Features node, and click Add Features in the right pane.

    • In the Add Features Wizard window, select the Desktop Experience check box, and click Next.

    • Click Install to complete the installation through the wizard.

    • For more information about this issue, see

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