Scanners Overview

Note: This functionality is only available if you log in using ALM, Octane, or a UFT license.

Relevant for Power Mode only

During the testing process, you may want to check that different aspects of your application behave or display correctly. Sprinter's scanners enable you to check whether strings in your application are spelled correctly, whether the application conforms to Web Standards (Web applications only), if there are broken links, or whether the user interface of your application is translated correctly.

You can select which scanners to use both prior to the run session and during the run session. After each scan is completed, the scan results are displayed in the Scan Results Viewer. In the Scan Results Viewer you can perform several actions, such as creating smart defects and defect reminders.

For task details, see Scan an Application For Potential Defects.

For user interface details, see Scanners Tab and Settings Dialog Box.

Sprinter includes the following scanners: