What's New in Sprinter 2021-2022

Sprinter version 2021-2022 contains the following features and enhancements:

ALM Integration

  • You can now run an exploratory test in Sprinter, without having to first add a test instance in ALM. In the Plan Area, use the new Create Run button. For details, see the Plan Area.

  • You can add Time information in the exported Run Result. In addition, you can set preferences to use ALM server time or local machine time. For details of the new Run Settings option Shows ALM Server time in Run Report if available, see Settings Dialog Box.

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ALM Octane Integration

  • Supports the ALM Octane server configured with context path.

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UFT Mobile Integration

  • Version 2021: Supports UFT Mobile 2021.

  • Version 2021 R1: Supports revamped device access window in UFT Mobile 2021 R1.

  • Version 2022: Supports UFT Mobile 2022.

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  • Added the ability to set a preference for capturing the entire desktop in the Story Board. For details of the new Run Settings option Full desktop capture of Primary screen, see Settings Dialog Box.

  • Stability improvements and bug fixes.

  • Version 2021 R1: Performance improvements when exporting the Storyboard.

  • Version 2022: Support for Chromium Edge Web applications

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