Testing tool integrations

This section lists the Micro Focus testing tools that integrate with Sprinter.

Supported testing tools

Sprinter is compatible with the following Micro Focus testing tools:

ALM See the ALM Help Center.
ALM Octane See the ALM Octane Help Center.
UFT Mobile See the UFT Mobile Help Center.
UFT One See the UFT One Help Center.

For a list of the supported versions of the testing tools and the supported technologies and browsers, see the Support Matrix.

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Testing tool integration limitations

This section lists the limitations when using Sprinter with other Micro Focus testing tools.

For Sprinter limitations and guidelines, see General Troubleshooting and Known Limitations.


  • If a Windows 7 machine has the Windows update KB4103712 installed, Sprinter may crash in a CAC environment. If this occurs, uninstall the KB4103712 update. For details, see Microsoft support.


Sprinter and UFT One share a variety of system resources. Before installing Sprinter on a computer on which UFT One is already installed, consider the following:

  • If you uninstall UFT One after installing Sprinter, run the Sprinter Installation again in Repair mode.
  • Any changes to the installation of UFT One and Sprinter, will affect the other. If you uninstall, modify, or upgrade one product, the other may fail. You will need to repair the installation of the affected product.
  • Sprinter cannot be run simultaneously on the same computer as UFT One if Power Mode is enabled.
  • If you export your Sprinter user actions on a mobile app to a UFT One test, user actions in a macro will be described as non-human language.

UFT Mobile

See the UFT Mobile Readme for a list of the general UFT Mobile limitations.

Following are specific Sprinter limitations associated with the UFT Mobile integration:

  • For Android devices: When running a test on a list item in a native packaged app, the highlighted object in the storyboard shows the whole list instead of the selected item.

  • When working with native browsers, the MC browser, or hybrid apps on iOS, if the webview is not optimized for mobile, you will not be able to highlight items in the Storyboard.

  • If UFT Mobile is deployed on an AWS server, Sprinter supports only physical devices that are connected to a machine via the UFT Mobile connector.
  • Simulations of events on mobile device, such as a call or SMS, are not recorded in Sprinter.
  • Sprinter does not support macros for native browsers on iOS devices.
  • When running tests on hybrid packaged apps on iOS devices, the highlighted object in the storyboard may be displayed with a slight offset.

ALM Octane

The following table lists the Sprinter capabilities that are supported/not-supported for the ALM Octane integration:

Theme Feature Supported Remarks
Login Octane from Sprinter Ability to select shared space / workspace Yes  
Proxy setting Yes

You can specify proxy settings for the Octane connection.

Plan Mode Create tests No  
Open / save tests Yes
  • No hierarchy when selecting tests
  • Cannot filter tests
  • Only default test fields will be displayed
Edit tests Yes

Only default test fields will be displayed

Test authoring (Record steps) Yes  
Call to test No  
Import steps Yes  
Attachments No No support for either tests and steps
Parameters No  
Run Mode Open / save runs Yes
  • No hierarchy when selecting runs
  • Cannot filter runs
  • Only default run fields will be displayed
Start / save runs Yes  
Create defects to Octane Yes Only default fields of defects will be shown.
Storyboard Yes The Storyboard is not saved for future runs. It will not available once the run is closed.
Power modes - Data Injection - Macro - Scanner Yes Power mode setting is saved on the Sprinter machine, but not in Octane
Attachments No  
Supported applications
  • Mobile (Hybrid, Web, Native)
  • ActiveX
  • Desktop Java
  • Web (Java, jQuery, Dojo, GWT, Sliverlight, ExtJS)
  • SAP (SAPGUI, SAPUI5, NWBC Desktop / Web, SAP Web)
  • Visual Basic
  • .NET
  • Oracle
  • WPF
  • Terminal Emulator

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