Logging in to Sprinter

To open Sprinter, double-click the Sprinter icon on your desktop.

When you log in to Sprinter, you can connect through Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Octane, UFT Mobile, or a UFT License.

Enable the UFT Mobile Extension

If you intend to use UFT Mobile to run tests stored in ALM, we recommend that you enable the ALM UFT Mobile Extension. This allows ALM to create the apps automatically in Sprinter.

To enable the integration:

  1. Enable the ALM UFT Mobile Extension in your ALM installation. Make sure you have the latest version of ALM or the necessary patch installed. For details, see the Support Matrix.
  2. Enter the UFT Mobile server settings through ALM's Site Administration. The login email for the UFT Mobile user in ALM, must match the one used to log in to the UFT Mobile server.

    Tip: You can override the server settings for a specific project using ALM Project Customization for UFT Mobile.

  3. From the Site Administration configuration flags, copy the value of COMMUNICATION_SECURITY_PASSPHRASE to your clipboard. In UFT Mobile, paste the value into the Administration > Settings > General > Single Sign On Init string field. For details, see Administration Settings in the UFT Mobile Help Center and Integrating ALM with UFT Mobile in the ALM Help Center.

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Connect through ALM

If you have an Application Lifecycle Management license, choose Connect with ALM.

Note: Sprinter will integrate with all ALM /QC licenses, with the exception of a Community license.

Enter your Application Lifecycle Management address, user name, and password, and click Authenticate. Then select your domain and project and click Login. Select the Reconnect on startup check box if you always work on the same Application Lifecycle Management server.

  • If you are using external authentication (CAC) to log in to ALM, you do not need to enter your user name and password. Enter your Application Lifecycle Management address and click Authenticate.
  • If you specify a URL of an ALM server that has a single sign-on mechanism enabled, the User name and password fields become disabled, and you will be directed to an external login screen.
  • If the security certificate for ALM is not installed on your machine, you will be prompted with a security alert. Click Yes to proceed. To avoid this alert, install the certificate through the browser. For details, see the ALM Help Center.

For more information on external authentication, see Setting up SSO authentication in the ALM Help Center.

Test mobile devices

To also work with UFT Mobile, you must enter the UFT Mobile server information. Click the Settings button , and go to the Mobile section. Enter the information and click Test Connection to validate your credentials.

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Connect through ALM Octane

To design and store tests using ALM Octane, select Octane.

  1. Enter your ALM Octane address, user name, and password.
  2. Under Proxy Settings, select a connection option:
  3. No proxy Connect to the server without any proxy.
    System proxy

    Connect to the server with the same proxy settings as Internet Explorer. (Default option.)

    HTTP proxy

    Connect to the server with a specified proxy.
  4. Click Authenticate. Then select your Shared Space and Workspace and click Login.

For details, see the ALM Octane Help Center.

If you connected to Sprinter with ALM Octane and you want to work with UFT Mobile, you must log in to UFT Mobile. For details, see Mobile settings.

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Connect through UFT Mobile

To design tests for mobile devices and applications using UFT Mobile, click UFT Mobile.

Enter your UFT Mobile URL, user name, and password. If the UFT Mobile server was installed with secure access (https), select Use SSL.

Click Authenticate.

The login screen prompts you to select a workspace. Select one using the dropdown arrow and click Login.

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Connect through UFT One

You can connect to Sprinter through UFT One if you have UFT Ultimate or UFT One concurrent licenses.

  1. In the opening screen, click UFT License.

    If you have a valid license, you are connected immediately.

  2. If you do not have the UFT license on your machine, Sprinter prompts you to run the Functional Testing License Wizard.

    In the License wizard, select Concurrent License and provide a license server.

    Click Connect.

    When the Connected button is green, click Install.

    Click Exit Wizard.

    Restart Sprinter and click UFT license.