Captured Steps sidebar

This sidebar displays the steps that result from the user actions performed during your Steps Capture session.

UI Example
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To access

In Plan Mode, click the Steps tab's Steps Capture button. You must have an application selected. If you have not defined an application, select Application Settings from the Steps Capture dropdown,

  • To close the sidebar, click the End Steps Capture Session button.

  • To lock the sidebar in the open position, click the thumbtack icon.

  • To reposition the sidebar to the left or right, click and drag the sidebar header.

Important information
  • The steps in this sidebar are displayed in read-only mode. To edit steps, first end the Steps Capture session and then edit the steps in the Steps tab (Plan mode).

  • By default, multiple user actions are added to a single step, until you instruct the Steps Capture tool to begin a new step. To automatically create a new step for every action performed, click the Single User Action per Step button described below.

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Elements


End Steps Capture Session. Ends the Steps Capture session and adds the captured steps to the Steps grid.

  • Pause Capture. Temporarily pauses the capturing of user actions.

  • Resume Capture. Resumes the capturing of user actions.

Tools to manage the screen captures:

  • Screen Capture. Takes a capture of the screen and attaches it to the step selected in the sidebar.

  • Annotated Screen Capture. Opens the Annotated Tools sidebar. The annotated screen capture will be attached to the step selected in the sidebar. For details, see Annotation Tools sidebar.

  • Delete Screen Capture. Deletes the selected step's screen capture.

Delete Step. Deletes the selected step from the Steps grid.

Multiple User Actions per Step. Instructs Sprinter to add all user actions to the last step.

Single User Action per Step. Creates a new step for each user action.

Start a New Step. Creates a new step to which Sprinter will add all future user actions.

Note: This button is only relevant when Multiple User Actions per Step is enabled.

Steps Display area

A grid representation of the steps showing:

Step number. The sequential number of the step.

Step. A textual description of the performed user action. When the Steps Capture session ends, this text is added by default to the step's description area. Alternatively, you can configure this to be added to the Step's Name field instead. For details, see Plan settings. You can also rename the step name.

Capture. An icon indicating that there is a screen capture associated with the step. If no icon is present, the step has no screen capture.