Run Area - Test information

Test information displays your test's details and allows you to edit them. The fields that are shown differ, depending on the type of connection you have. You can edit some of the field descriptions, by hovering over the field.

Test information - ALM users

  • If Application Lifecycle Intelligence (ALI) is enabled for your ALM project, the General Settings pane provides an additional field—Test Build. This drop-down enables you to select a specific build (build ID) upon which to run your test.
  • If your Application Lifecycle Management test has user-defined fields that can be edited, they are displayed and can be edited in the General Settings pane.
  • The test settings for Application Lifecycle Management tests are defined in Application Lifecycle Management and are read-only in the General Settings pane.

Test information - ALM Octane users

For the Tester field, the default value is your ValueEdge and ALM Octane login name. You can customize the default value from the Sprinter configuration file. For example, you can change the default value to full name, or email address.

To change the Tester default value:

  1. Navigate to the Settings.xml file, located in the following folder: 

    Sprinter 24.2 or later: %APPDATA%\OpenText\Sprinter.

    Sprinter 2023-23.4: %APPDATA%\Micro Focus\Sprinter.

  2. In the UserSettingsOctaneDefinition section, add the TesterDisplayFormat element, if it does not exist. Specify the value for it.

Example: Display login name: <TesterDisplayFormat>DisplayNameForTester</TesterDisplayFormat>

Display full name: <TesterDisplayFormat>DisplayFullNameForTester</TesterDisplayFormat>

Display email: <TesterDisplayFormat>DisplayEmailForTester</TesterDisplayFormat>

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