Troubleshoot running tests and components

This section describes troubleshooting and limitations for running tests with steps and Business Process Tests.

General issues

  • You cannot run Sprinter with a display color depth of 256 colors (8 bit).

  • If you close the Run Attachments dialog box and reopen it while an attachment is still uploading, the attachment is not displayed. Do not delete run attachments until they finish uploading.

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ALM issues

  • When running a Sprinter test in ALM, the Cross Run report does not show the Sprinter test steps. To access the report, click the My Runs List tab and select Analysis > Reports > Cross Run with Steps.
  • When working with Sprinter on a Windows Server 2008 or 2008 R2 machine, you must install the Desktop Experience feature in order to successfully display all image attachments in ALM.

  • To install Desktop Experience:

    • On the server machine, select Start > Administrative Tools >Server Manager.

    • Select the Features node, and click Add Features in the right pane.

    • In the Add Features Wizard window, select the Desktop Experience check box, and click Next.

    • Click Install to complete the installation through the wizard.

    • For more information about this issue, see Desktop Experience Overview.

Business Process Testing limitations

  • If you open a business process test that cannot be run, Sprinter displays the test without any steps. This may occur in, but is not limited to, the following situations:

    • Your business process test has an input parameter linked to an output parameter, but the number of iterations for the components that contain the input and output parameters do not match.

    • You created an output parameter for a flow but it is not linked to an existing parameter in a component.

    • Note that Sprinter does not display an error message for the test in this case.

  • If a Business Process Testing configuration includes multiple iterations and you open it from Sprinter, the configuration parameters are not displayed in the Parameters tab.

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