Defect Reminder dialog box

This dialog box enables you to add a reminder to open a defect at a later time.


UI Example
Click thumbnail to view full size image for a manual test.
To access

During a test run, from the Tools sidebar, click the down arrow next to the Defect drop down, and select Add Defect Reminder.

Important information

You can view your defect reminders:

  • In the Storyboard window, for the user action for which the defect reminder was created. For details, see Storyboard window.

  • By clicking the Defect Reminder tab in the Run Area after you test is complete.

Note: Defect reminders are discarded when you remove a run from the Run Setup area, replace a run with a new run, or close Sprinter. If the run you are closing contains defect reminders, a warning message is displayed.