Defect Reminder tab

This tab displays a summary of the defect reminders you created during your test run. It enables you to submit defects based on information in your defect reminders, and to export, print, or email your defect reminders.

UI Example

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To access

After running a test or component, select the Defect Reminder tab.

Important information

Defect reminders are discarded when you remove a run from the Run Setup area, replace a run with a new run, or close Sprinter. If the run you are closing contains defect reminders, a warning message is displayed.

The table below lists the options for the defect reminders:




Enables you to automatically include defect scenario information in your defect. For details, see the Smart Defect Settings dialog box.

  • When you create a defect from the Defect Reminders tab, the same information is available for you to include in the defect as is available when you open the defect during the run. You can include a screen capture of the application as it appeared for the user action when the reminder was created, and the steps or actions in your test run.
  • When you create a defect from a defect reminder, the defect reminder is deleted.

Opens the Link Existing Defect dialog box to allow you to link the reminder to an existing defect.